Keep Britain Tidy

We our proud to be partnering anti-litter charity Keep Britain Tidy in their new campaign targeting irresponsible dog owners. Dicky Bag are supplying 20,000 biodegradable dog poo bags to help back the campaign and with a combined effort of numerous local authorities and an organization with such high profile as Keep Britain Tidy we believe that it will make a substantial difference to the dog littering...

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High Street Dreams

Now Showing On BBC One! We were lucky enough to be involved with the recent BBC program, featuring Jo Malone (cosmetics and toiletries queen) and her business partner Nick Leslau.  Our website designers Channel Digital sent us the initial contact information which they had received from Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.  The production company wanted to hear from new and innovative companies to feature...

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On the perils of pooch poop

Here is an excellent article taken from The Times Online, written by Carol Midgley, in which she share her hatred for inconsiderate dog owners. I don’t give a monkeys… …about dog dirt refusniks. Did you read that story about the thief who snatched an elderly woman’s handbag? Opening up his prize, he found it contained only one thing: dog s***. This is a beautiful helping of just desserts,...

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Dog Gifts and Presents for Dog Lovers

What do you give a dog lover who already has all the accessories for their beloved dog? They may already have the Paris Hilton style dog carrier bag and matching dog collar. Their dog sleeps on a heated orthopaedic bed and dines on fillet steak. Lucky dog! Well look no further as we have some of the most useful presents for dog lovers you will ever find. Something they will truly appreciate.

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Dicky Bag Helps Keep Britain Tidy

The Dicky Bag has found another fan base in the form of Keep Britain Tidy campaign.  This is fantastic news because the Dicky bag was not only invented to help dog owners by providing a civilised way of carrying dog poo, it also intends to create more responsible dog owners.  By offering more solutions to the problem of dog fouling it will become less acceptable to not pick up after your dog or...

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Pet Lover Gift Idea

Perfect Dog Gifts for all Dog Owners Looking for the ideal pet lover gift idea? Then why not give them a Dicky Bag?! It’s a great gift to give to any dog owner, either on its own or as part of a pet love gift basket.

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The Complete Solution To Picking Up Dog Mess

  Dicky bag – the complete solution for poop pick up. This unique patented dog poop scoop design consists of a storage and dispensing area for clean bags and an airtight container for storing the full bags until to reach a bin the bespoke air freshener masks any foul smells. There is even room to store a spare roll of clean bags to avoid that awful moment when you’ve come to the end...

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Recycle Dog Poop?

Dog poop recycling initiatives could turn your dog poop into energy! You could soon be using your Dicky Bags to transport your dog poop hygienically and odour free to a recycling area near you…

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