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Dog Poop Disposal

Dog poop disposal is an issue for all who love walking their dogs. There are many poop scoops you can buy for dog poop disposal, but often they’re cumbersome and impracticle.

Once you have picked up the dog poop with a poop scoop what can you do with it? Without a poop scoop you’re left carrying dog poop around in a thin plastic bag – if you remember to bring some! With a poop scoop you have to carry it around in what’s usually a solid plastic container that can get heavy on long walks, and it doesn’t leave your hands free.

Fortunately the Dicky Bag is perfect for dog poop disposal. It’s lightweight, semi-rigid, looks great, and you can carry dog poop to a bin for disposal hands free with the sturdy belt clip.

With a strong airtight seam joint for odour prevention and a Dicky Disk freshener inside it means you can also happily walk around odour free too! Plus there’s a neat compartment to store bio-degradeable pick up bags so you don’t have to worry about forgetting those either.

So if you want an easy solution to your dog poop disposal problem then visit our online store »

Dicky Bag – helping keep britain tidy