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Bespoke Orders

You’ve all bought the T shirts, and often the hats and fleeces to match, but the smart groups realise nothing says we are part of a caring team more than a bespoke Dicky Bag.

Perfect for companies, businesses, teams, walking groups, clubs and so much more – get the new fantastic dog walking accessory made in your colours and with your logo on.

The Dicky Bag is revolutionising the dog owning experience so we can go back to those good old days when we didn’t have our hands laden with nasty knotted bags.  Picking up is no longer a problem when you use the Dicky Bag to store those poop bags out of sight, out of smell & out of mind, leaving you to use your hands freely and enjoy your walk, training session or competition.

You can choose how to make your Dicky Bags special by putting your logos on the lid and/or body, or even go the whole hog and get your own fabric printed. It’s only a small fee to make your Dicky Bag truly unique, and bulk orders recieve a lower rate.

Customisation is simple, you have 2 options:

Lid Print – You can send your specifications/logo/graphics to us and we’ll customise it into a lid printable design which we can put on any of our standard material Dicky Bags (Artic Camo, Green Camo, Fern, Geometric or Pink Flower) or a plain black body if you prefer

All Over Print – Fully customisable, we can print pictures, all over patterns or Dicky Bags in a custom colour of your choosing if our standard patterns or plain black isnt to your taste.

Take a look at some of our bags we have made so far






Prices vary depending on which option you wish to go for, and the process is really simple – just send an e-mail to , or phone us on 01637 874 849 for a chat about what you have in mind for a design. You can e-mail some graphics, or your logos that you’d like us to use and we’ll come up with a print (and we’re more than happy to help design simple logos from scratch if required)

And don’t forget, all that advertising you will get because, once your members use their Dicky Bags, they’ll never walk without them again.