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Dog Walking Freedom: it’s in the bag!

The Cornish Way to an Idylic Dog Walk

Travelling with your dog? Picking up and being responsible? Full marks BUT… seriously why are you parading poop around like a trophy! Not enough bins I hear you cry, well sod’s law states that there is never a bin when you need it, which is why the clever owners are investing in The Dicky Bag. The Dicky Bag is an award winning stylish neoprene bag that’s lightweight, airtight, washable and leak proof which can be attached to you or your dog and stores those nasty knotted plastic bags until you find a suitable bin. British invention, Patented design & Hand Made in Cornwall, The Dicky Bag is robust (original prototypes still going after 5 years). No more embarrassing moments, nasty niffs or disgusted looks; with The Dicky Bag poop bags are out of sight and out of mind. Dicky Bag, the civilised way to carry dog poop!

On your idyllic walk you should look good and feel great – not be burdened by carrying an awkward smelly bag in search of an elusive bin! Mumpreneur Mandy Davies thought so and invented the Dicky Bag, a little bag for dog mess.

“I would’ve happily paid £1 for someone to take that dreadful bag away, but that would’ve become expensive if I did it on every walk – The Dicky Bag costs from as little as £21 and instantly removes my nasty knotted poop bag problem and has done on at least 1500 walks.”

The Complete Solution To Picking Up Dog Mess

Fresh Bags storage, drop in, and seal with no odours or leaks

Dicky bag – the complete solution for poop pick up.

This unique patented dog poop scoop design consists of a storage and dispensing area for clean bags and an airtight container for storing the full bags until to reach a bin the bespoke air freshener masks any foul smells. There is even room to store a spare roll of clean bags to avoid that awful moment when you’ve come to the end of the roll.