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Buy in haste, repent at leisure!

Our ethos has always been to make a fantastic product which does the job properly!

We have achieved this whilst paying our brilliant Cornish production people a good wage and all the rightful VAT and Corportation Tax (a very strange ethos to have apparently these days).

To put it in short, our prodcuts are Made in England, by adults.

An unfortunate consequence in having this ethos is that our products are more expensive than others on the market, but we believe they are that much better and worth every penny (a comment we regurlar hear from our customers) but never beter put than in this email I just received – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Thank you for your email.

You asked where I found out about the bag and my answer is, I can’t remember!

I had one previously, but after six years of constant use, the zip broke – probably my heavy handed husband; I don’t blame

the Dicky Bag at all!

I have to admit that after it broke, I sought alternative methods of “poo-carrying” and I obtained a “Poop Pot” which is a

collapsible bowl with a lid. Let me tell you, you wonderful Dicky Bag people – I have learned my lesson! You get what you

pay for and the Poop Pot is half the price because it doesn’t do the job! The lid comes off if you jiggle it too much

allowing new poo bags to fly all over a windy Bodmin Moor and losing full ones I don’t know where (which totally defeats the

object!), the smell is not contained in the pot, and it’s bulky & heavy compared to the Dicky Bag.

Despite, my (temporary) move to another supplier, I haven’t stopped telling every dog owner that I meet that the Dicky Bag is

undoubtedly the best dog product you can have.

My true allegiance is with Dicky Bag!!!!

I will never stray again!!!!

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