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Custom Designs

Dicky Bag - Pooper ScooperThe Dicky Bag™ is made of the finest neoprene that can be designed with your own logo, message or any photograph including one of your favourite breed of dog!

How cool would it be for your club to have its own personalised Pet Poop Scoops?

If you run a charity you could sell your own personalised Dicky Bags remember they are under patent and only available from and you can make extra income from a unique product. Or how about a personalized dog gift?

If you are a pet food manufacturer or retailer you could have Dicky Bag personalised as a corporate gift to give to your suppliers or as an incentive to consumers to buy your Brand pet product.

For your own unique Dicky Bag™ contact us. There is a minimum quantity depending on size etc. but do contact us for details.