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Pooper Scooper Convention

Pooper Scoopers from Dicky Bag
Pooper Scoopers from Dicky Bag

One of the fun things about being involved in one of the leading poop scoop products is keeping an eye on what the competition are doing.

Well I have to say that in Nashville, Tennessee they really do take the prize for innovative events and it is not just a one off either. They are preparing to celebrate their 7th annual Pooper Scooper convention and are featuring the ‘Turd Herding Contest’. Run by the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists a non-profit trade organization and aimed at educating ‘the professional pooper scooper’. This brings to question what a professional pooper scooper is. Do they actually pay people in the U.S. to pick up other peoples dog poop, surely it is up to all dog owners to pick after their own dog?  Everyone should be responsible for their own pets dog poop disposal.

What we really need in the UK and I am sure it is the same elsewhere is to channel resources into educating the irresponsible owners who continually ignore their dogs’ number twos and leave it for one of us to tread it………YUK!

The Turd herding contest involves dozens of fake dog poops placed around the hotel and there is a competition to see who can pick up the most piles in two minutes. Strict rules are enforced with penalties for body checking the competitions, this sounds like serious stuff!

Well done to the Americans for entertaining us and making the serious job of picking up poops fun. But how are we going to encourage ALL dog owners to pick up their poop, I suggest we recommend at Dicky Bag for the most convenient and easiest way of disposal.

Dog surfing

Other fun competitions I have come across involving our dogs include the Worlds Ugliest Dog Competition involving all sorts of ugly mutts. A Dog Surfing Competition where all entrants had three waves to impress the judges and were marked on their confidence, length of the ride and their ability to ‘grip it and rip it’. Iron Dog which tests stamina, obedience and agility of your dog and your fitness as you will be running over tough territory and even wading through streams in some events.

Maybe we should have the World Dog Turd Hurling Championship here in the UK…….!

For more information about the features of the Dicky Bag please visit our page about pooper scoopers.