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Dog Training

All You Need To Know About Training Your Dog

Your dog is an addition to your family, and just like any family member he will need to get used to your routines, learn to live with his ‘housemates’, and feel happy and relaxed in his home environment. While we can explain why we do things in a certain way to our friends and family, dogs have to learn through experience – and making sure your dog has good experiences of the various...

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New Owner & Puppy Socialisation Programme

The world is a new and fascinating place for your new puppy, not only will your home be new to him, but many of the things he encounters will be things he is meeting for the first time. It is important that your puppy gains experience of these new things in a safe and controlled environment which will allow him to build confidence and satisfy his curiousity. Our friend Kerri Bee has created this...

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Pack Leadership and Dominance Theory

Have you ever heard of any of the following? Dogs who pull on the lead are dominant? Dogs who jump up on people think they are the alpha? If you let your dog sleep on the furniture he will think he is the pack leader? Don’t let your dog sleep at the top of the stairs as he will be higher than you in the pack structure? Always eat before your dog so that he knows his rightful place at the bottom...

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A Very Brief Guide to Dog Food

Ingredients have to be labelled with the greatest ingredient first and the least last. Look for foods where the first two ingredients are specifically named. These will probably be a meat and a cereal, so make sure they are named i.e. ‘chicken’, ‘rice’ and so forth. Avoid maize based products. Avoid products which contain ‘derivatives’ of meat, just ‘meat’ or ‘animal fat’ or any general terms...

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Effective House Training

It is very well worth planning how you will house train your puppy before you collect him or her, if you have the opportunity, but don’t worry if you’ve already started. The following explains a simple, kind method of house training that, when followed carefully should see your puppy becoming clean and dry as he or she physically matures. New owners should not underestimate the time and commitment...

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