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Pooper Scoopers – Hygenic and Stylish

Dog pooper scoopers take on many shapes and sizes, and we like to think that the Dicky bag is the last word on the subject!

When we were developing and patenting the product we spent a great deal of time looking at what was already available to dog owners, working out how we would like it to work better, and how we could make the task of picking up dog poo while you are out walking as quick, clean, and easy as possible.

We also had a look at a large number of other dog poop scoops, and there is after all quite a variety, so what were the main considerations while we were working out how to job should be done?

  • Clean – it had to be clean – I mean you really don’t want any more to do with your doggy messes than you have to do you!rosie
  • Simple – we definitely didn’t want a massive contraption, partly because one of the main joys of dog walking is being out there and unencumbered for one of the few times during your day. So things with levers and long handles were not part of the plan.
  • Light and portable – on the same theme really, we wanted a scoop that was going to be really easy to carry. Our Dicky Bag clip-on-the belt system is one of the most important parts of the product for this reason – I mean using this system you can even get Fido to carry his / her doing home! Now that is worth achieving!
  • Stylish – I mean we’re not poseurs are we – none of us, but why not have something with a little bit of style? Hence we came up with our unique designs – the blue beach, the camouflage, pink flower, metallic gold – the ultimate accessory for the toy dog lover, or the textured black – carbon fibre look alike, taking its lead form the high tech world of motor-sport!
  • Hygienic – well it had to be washable, and by using the materials that are around us in Newquay – the surfing capital of the UK, we were able to use fully washable neoprene (just like a wetsuit) to give the fully washable pooper scooper.
  • Not smelly – odour free. We didn’t want it to smell, so we included our special odour preventer discs which keep your Dicky Bag clean and sweet smelling for walk after walk after walk.
I’m sure there were a few other things that we thought of along the way, but these are some of the most important items, and I hope you feel we have got them right. As you know we are always delighted to hear your feedback – either for more great testimonials which we have been so grateful to receive, or perhaps and suggestions or improvements that you feel we can make to the Dicky Bag range.

If you’d like to know more you can:

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