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The Dicky Bag™ is a great looking light weight container with odour prevention for those awkward plastic bags of dog poo… and a store for fresh ones too!

It leaves your hands free and prevents inappropriate dumping of plastic bags of dog waste in the town or countryside.

Stop swinging that bag of poo! BAG IT, STASH IT, SEAL IT and enjoy your walk with your hands free.

Interact with the Dicky Bag to discover more!

Dicky Bag Features

Storage area for fresh pick up bags

Glued & blind stitched

(Strong airtight seam joint for Odour Prevention)

Handy storage container when empty

Bag structure is semi-ridged yet soft

Renewable fragrance disc

4mm double lined Neoprene, light & robust

Lid with unique odour prevention seal

Belt loop

Universal clip

Attach to you, your dog or lead


Odour Prevention Lid With Bag Storage

Poo Bag Storage

The Dicky Bag™ has a unique odour prevention seal, enabling you to carry your dog poo bags without worrying about the smell! The lid has a secure zip, so when closed it stays closed – no awkward and fiddly latches or catches to break or come loose.

What’s also great about the lid is it has been purposefully designed to store bio-degradeable plastic pick-up bags. You won’t have to remember to bring any with you as we supply them free and ready to go in every Dicky Bag™! And when you do run out you can order new pick-up bags from our online store »

Renewable fragrance disk

Each Dicky Bag™ comes with a renewable Dicky Disk fragrance card that fits neatly inside your Dicky Bag™ to stop the pong of poop when you do open the unique odour preventing lid!

Why you should get a Dicky Bag