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Close, but no Cigar!

So where has the sudden surge of Poo Keys, Doo-kee, DooDoo clips, Poop Loops and the like suddenly sprung from?  Everybody and his DOG seem to be making them!

Don’t get me wrong, anything to encourage dog owners to be more responsible is a good thing but I’m a little baffled by the popularity of something that gets close but still misses the mark!  We’re not addressing the real problem of smell and inconvenience which is how we end up with people not picking up or dumping bags for fear of having a nasty knotted bag hanging around for hours spoiling your walk. Having a flimsy poo bag swinging from your hand is no different than having a delicate bag swinging from your lead, except you’ve spent at least £5 for the pleasure.  As my daughter recently pointed out “why don’t they just use a carabineer or just tie the handles of the poo bag to their lead? I don’t get it!”

We are all too familiar with the reluctance of some to pick up, especially in the wide open spaces like National Parks, coast paths, National Trust land and countryside footpaths, where they think no bin equals no responsibility, and why we developed the Dicky Bag to remove ALL the downsides of being left with a stinky bag for hours i.e. the smell, the sight and the likelihood of it splitting and dispensing its horrific contents all over your trousers!  Plus with a Dicky Bag you will be welcomed into any shop, Cafe or Pub not so sure you’ll be so welcome parading a repulsive, rancid bag from your lead. And what about those times you get back to the car and still no bin? You know that smell is going to hang around for months!

I can only assume more people want a solution and but can’t get their head around having to spend money to provide their own bin, strange as they happily purchase a lead and don’t expect the local council to supply one for their dog!

More and more of our customer base is coming from people who have purchased one of these gadgets and it’s either broken after a couple of weeks, never worked as the bags drop out or they realised it didn’t actually make their walks any better or easier, so my best bit of advice to you is… If you want to be prepared to be responsible on every walk and do the right thing, but don’t want to spoil your day with stinky poo bags hanging around (and frankly who does) then put your £5 to good use and buy yourself the only true solution, made in Cornwall, robust, tough, machine washable, odour proof and lightweight. It will attach to anything; leads, bags, bikes, prams, walking aids or you and will join you on every walk for years and years. Established in 2008 we have been solving the poo bag problem for over 13 years which is why the National Parks UK, Forestry England, NFU and the Wildlife Trust promote us as the solution that’s needed.

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