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Dicky Bag review: A must-have for walkies!

Dicky Bag review: A must-have for walkies!

Anyone walking a dog in the countryside can attest – there’s never a bin when you need one!

We’ve carried full poo bags for MILES over the years on our dog walks, because there simply aren’t bins up mountains, deep in forests, or on rolling moorland. Don’t get us wrong – it would be a great shame to spoil these beautiful landscapes with bright red dog waste bins. But what’s worse is that some people choose to leave their dogs’ poo where it is, or tie it up and leave it on the ground as if that’s any better, or hang it in a tree like a bizarre Christmas bauble. (Seriously – what is that about? If you know any reason why this would be a good idea, please let us know!!)

That’s why, at a house sit in 2020, our minds were blown when we came across Dicky Bag for the first time. We’d just arrived at what is now one our our all-time favourite house sits to return to, caring for gorgeous Golden Retriever Bess in a sleepy village in Dartmoor. (As I write this, we’re sitting in their cosy lounge with a roaring fire and a sleepy Bess at our feet – it’s our third time here and we couldn’t be happier!) Chatting with Bess’ owners during that first meeting, they casually mentioned we could use their Dicky Bag for the duration of our stay. Upon seeing our confused faces, they explained how it works, and it quickly shot to the top of our ‘MUST HAVE’ list for our full time pet sitting adventures! We now have own our Dicky Bag (plus a couple of their other products which we’ll go into below) and we’ve been using it for the best part of a couple of months now. It’s now one of our absolute ESSENTIALS to take on walkies.

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