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Treat Bags

Instant, quick, finger and thumb access to treats, no messing with clips, zips or drawstrings

Quick and easy access through the anti-spill lid; making this the perfect treat bag.

Quick rewards = no loss of attention.

No spill when running, bending or jumping, perfect for dog agility

Washable tough neoprene can be machined washed at 30°.

Grease resistant Neoprene rubber won’t allow greasy residue from cheese or meat damage clothes.

No more crumbs in the pockets and super lightweight.

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Treat Bags

“As the treats pull out, the opening simply closes so you only get out what you are holding. No more fumbly treat delivery. Result – economical / no waste!”Karen Wild

Karen Wild BA (Hons) Dip App Psy, is a full-time U.K. dog trainer and behaviour consultant with 17 years in the field. She has a degree and diploma in Psychology from the University of Nottingham, is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and is an Associate Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (ABIPDT).

Easy to use, quick, clean

Treat bag

Our Instant, quick, finger and thumb access to treats has addressed the common problems and flaws customers had with existing nylon treat bags and have received rave reviews from some the of the Country’s leading dog trainers.

Existing treat bags are all a variation of very similar design. A nylon bag with a large opening to put your hand in to grab the treats and either a draw string closer a zip or sometimes a snap closing mechanism.

Solving common problems

The common problems with ordinary bags:

Treat bag

Nylon bags can be washed but fray & wear easily – Our bag is Neoprene (wetsuit material) designed to be used in the Ocean super tough glued and stitched. Rinse it with warm soapy water or bung it on a cool wash.

Nylon lets the grease from fresh treats ruin your clothes. Our bag is made of 4mm Neoprene rubber it won’t allow the grease or smell from cheese, kibble or sausage through!

Nylon seams often fray and pull apart. Mass produced bags have problems with seams not stitched together properly as they are made so fast! The faster they are made the lower the quality, the lower the quality the shorter the lifespan, the shorter the lifespan the more it costs over time – Our seams are glued and stitched and are built to last; Hand Made in Cornwall by experts in Neoprene the spiritual home of Surfing in the UK!

Draw strings are a fumble to open and then stay open so can easily spill. Closing is a two handed operation. Our Bag has Instant, quick, finger and thumb action means the bag is always open yet closed, no spill no fumble.

Zips easier to open but again stays open so can easily spill. Closing is also a two handed operation. Our Bag has Instant, quick, finger and thumb action means the bag is economical no lost treats.

Snap closing mechanism easiest to open but has to stay open when in use so can spill although snaps shut. Mechanism does fade. Our Bag quick, finger and thumb instant treat delivery.


  • Instant, quick, finger and thumb access to treats, no messing with snaps, zips or drawstrings
  • Belt Loop and Karabiner make it super easy to attach to bum bags, belts, trousers or leads. Velcro wrap is also available to be bought separately.
  • Made in UK from genuine 4mm DuPont neoprene, machine washable and long lasting
  • New design which is receiving rave reviews from dog trainers and professional organisations
  • Choose from several different colours/patterns
  • Bespoke designs: The treat bag can have the sides personalised for an extra charge ideal for your Dog Training Club, Business Logo or a magnificent gift.
  • The world’s first neoprene treat bag.

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