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Trade Order Information

Over the last 2 years, as interest has grown in our products, we get more and more requests from our potential customers wanting to have an outlet where they can feel and touch our bags. We will be able to direct these people to your shop and list you as stockists on our website affording you some free advertising. This is a good way of introducing new potential customers to you. They will believe you promote responsible dog ownership at the same time as recognising there needs to be a solution to an ever increasing problem of fouling, littering and the harmful health risks which come with this.

Once a few Dicky Bags are seen in a local area there is an obvious and marked increase in sales; and your shop will be the destination for these people.

We are recommended by the National Trust and Keep Britain Tidy and we were even mentioned by Ian Dunbar at his Birthday Bash last April. We have patent granted in the UK and the USA, were highly commended in the Ignite Business Plan Competition and recently won the Mumpreneur UK Silver Award for Product design.


Trade Order Information

Sizes – 5 sizes – Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large for every size and number of dog/s.

All bags are made of genuine 4mm Neoprene™ (wetsuit material)
They come in 2 finishes:

Standard Finish Neoprene has nylon material outer layer in various colours and patterns. If this bag gets wet on the outside the nylon layer will get slightly damp. This bag can be washed in a machine on a cool wash.

Premium Finish Neoprene has a silky smooth outer layer in various colours and patterns. This outer layer repels water and if dropped in the mud can be wiped clean. This bag can be washed in a machine on a cool wash.

Minimum Order is only 10 Dicky Bags and this can be in any combination of any size, finish and colour including free delivery in the UK.

Starter Pack provides 11 bags; one of each size of our best selling bag the Black Splat design, and your selection of 6 standard bags in Small, Medium and Large. This will give you a total of 2 x small, 2 x medium and 2 x large, and the complete 5 size Black Splat set XS to XL
You can have them in just one or 2 designs or go for every design, whatever you want.

Packaging – All trade ordered Dicky Bags come with our stylised attractive packaging. We label barcode our products for your convenience. When possible we will dispatch all the bags packaged but in certain cases we may have to flat-pack the cartons.

Delivery – Both Minimum and Starter Packs include delivery to UK. Delivery overseas is charged by weight and cost of courier. Initial orders are via a Proforma invoice.

Exchange – If you find a particular design or size sells better than another we are more than happy to exchange bags for you, obviously postage and difference in trade price costs will be charged for.

Drop Shipping – Very useful for making the designs and sizes you don’t have in stock available to your customers. You receive the sales through your business/premises and pass the customer’s specifications onto us. We will package and ship these orders on your behalf.

Pricing – Is available upon request. For large orders additional trade discount may apply. Please contact for more information.


Additional Products

Scented Discs – All Dicky Bags come with a scented disc and roll of 15 biodegradable pick up bags. The discs come in 2 sizes, small for XS and S Dicky bags and standard for M, L and XL dicky bags. The Dicky Bag has been designed specifically to be able to store any type of pick up bag (flat packed or rolls)

Biodegradable Bags – we also stock high quality biodegradable pick up bags in packs of 4 x 15 bag rolls.

Hand Sanitisers – We supply top quality bottles of our unique branded hand sanitizer which fit perfectly in to the top bag storage area of the M, L and XL bags.

Shoulder/Waist Straps are useful when people don’t have accessible belt loops. We made these at the request of our customers and they are adjustable so they can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.

One wrap straps are included and are for using your Dicky Bag with extendable leads. Similar to double sided Velcro It simply wraps around the belt loop of the bag and the handle of the lead.

Bespoke Printing is available for that added custom touch. Perfect for promoting your business or club. For just a small fee more you can fully customise you Dicky Bags. For more information click on the image below to take you to our Bespoke Dicky Bag Information page.


Point of Sale Material

We can supply you with colour posters A4 an A3 to help to introduce the Dicky Bag to your customers and people can’t resist making a comment about the statements which gives you a great opportunity to interact.

The Dicky Bag is a dog walker’s accessory for the owner rather than for the dog, it is closer to a handbag that saves swinging an awkward knotted plastic bag of dog poop. The Dicky Bag is very Lightweight Odour proof and Leak proof patented design that hasn’t been seen before.

A5 Cards can also be customised and printed at cost.

Other POS material can be developed in conjunction with your needs.

Counter runner for your counter top £15

You can also download the PDF’s of our posters for your convenience by clicking the image below


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