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Just a pleasure

This is just to let you know how brilliant your product is.The holiday in Devon would not have been anywhere near as pleasant without the bags, especially as Molly seems to be able to squeeze one out just when you are at the furthest from a bin. Just the knowledge that we didn’t have to worry about finding a bin made the whole experience much nicer. Walking through a town, no problem; 4 miles along...

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I dont even know its there

With 7 dogs i cannot imagine what i would do without it ! but having said that knowing how much easier they make life i would recommend it even to people who only have one dog, i use mine with the shoulder strap and i dont even know its there.fantastic design, fantastic quality, thankyou for making my life easier !! Sarah

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It really does make life a lot easier

I just wanted to say thank you for a great product and for the prompt delivery.The Dicky Bag is such a great idea, It really does make life a lot easier, especially for an owner of more than one dog! :o)  For the first time I managed to walk without worry of finding the nearest bin. I wish you every success with your product and hope that one day every dog owner will have one! Thanks again,Laura.

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what a fabulous product

Hi Just wanted to say what a fabulous product the Dicky Bag is.  I am sure you have heard this before but I never set off on a walk without it! I am forwarding your website to a friend who is interested in buying one. Thanks for a great product. Regards Jo (and Harry the Beagle and Ruby the Setter)

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many thanks for a great invention

purchased my dickie bag just before a holiday in the cotswolds. plenty of off road walking with 2 schnauzers and not a bin in sight. my dickie bag came in so handy will not be without it now. many thanks for a great invention Christine

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Hi. Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my recent purchases. The bags are so easy to carry and roomy enough for all essentials. I saw your products on the North Devon tourism site. Thank you Margaret

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Become a clean and responsible owner!

To the Dicky bag team.  I am a professional dog walker and  have bought products before which you use to carry your dogs No2’s in and have given up with them with in a couple of days as they have always been so impractical to use.  I must say I have been using my Dicky bag for 3 weeks now and love it!  I like the idea of carrying spare bags in the top although I take them off the roll before...

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I wouldn’t be without it!

I have had a Dicky Bag for 15 months now and have loved it from day one.  My family think I am rather strange to get so excited about something that I put dog poo in, but I wouldn’t be without it!  Apart from being a fantastic invention that I use every day (well the dog does!), the people that run the company are a delight to deal with.  Their customer service is outstanding.  Thank you Dicky...

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What a marvellous invention

The Medium Textured Black Dicky Bag arrived in the mail 2 days ago and I am totally won over. I have a very large (54 kg) cross german shepard and let me tell you picking up and carrying around what he leaves behind is no joy. With the Dicky Bag there are no more smells, no more embarrassing plastic bags in the hand. I will definitely be recommending your products to all the dog owners I know. What...

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WE LOVE DICKY BAGS!I am a professional dog walker, I have bought myself and my staff members a dicky bag, we have been using for both our personal and our clients dogs for a week now they are brilliant. I have bought various other pooh carrying devices in the past that are now just wasting space in my van, even my staff members gave them back to me after a short time!Not Dicky bag,  we have even...

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