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Wonderful Dicky Bag Team

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the wonderful Dicky Bag. I brought my first one over a year ago for my then one year old Labrador; I got the large size which is great for longer walks as able to hold several ‘doings’. It is so easy to use and makes walks a poo free pleasure! I’ve just received my order of two medium size bags and shoulder straps (one each for my Mum who has...

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Thank God for the Dicky Bag

The Dicky Bag is one of those products you buy and then think ” How did I cope without it”, every where the dogs go, the Dicky Bag goes with them. Also what fantastic customer service this company provides, cannot praise this product and staff enough, Thank you . Lesley Curston

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Ingenious idea

Thank you for the prompt service the dicky bag arrived really quickly. My mum and sister bought one for me at the Birmingham NEC xmas fair – we have a great dane and spend lots of time on the north devon beaches where it is a rather long walk back to the bins!    We think it is an ingenious idea and wish we would have thought of it ourselves!   Rachel Devon

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excited by dog poo!

I have had a Dicky Bag for 15 months now and have loved it from day one. My family think I am rather strange to get so excited about something that I put dog poo in, but I wouldn’t be without it! Apart from being a fantastic invention that I use every day (well the dog does!), the people that run the company are a delight to deal with. Their customer service is outstanding. Thank you Dicky...

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Hill walking made Easy!

I enjoy hill walking with my husband and our dog, and I read a couple of walking/country magazines which regularly review new products just like yours that are ideal for people with outdoor, active lifestyles (and LOTS of walkers have dogs). Have you advertised in some of these mags? I know that if you send freebies to the editor for reviewing you can sometimes get your product into the mag for...

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Santa’s making his list

Hello Dicky Baggers Just wanted to say, love your invention & website. What a fantastic idea, will be adding one of these to my Santa’s Christmas list.. Tiffany the good dog guide  

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I cant do without it

Hiya I am a professional dog walker and take my doggy groups to various meadows and fields that don’t have any bins. Before I bought a Dicky bag I would have about 5 or 6 bags of poo to carry about, which is a nightmare when trying to get the dogs on leads. Many a bag of poo was trodden on! I read about Dicky bags in Dogs Monthly. What a genius idea! I cant do without it now. I have clipped...

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Why did I wait so long to buy my Dicky Bag?

I have had my Large Blue Beach Dicky Bag now for 3 weeks, and I can honestly say, it has changed my life!  Before you dismiss me as some sad person who could do with getting out more let me finish. I didn’t think carrying bags of dog poo bothered me, it wasn’t my most favourite job but I just got on with it, carried it to the bin and got rid of it, which is why when I first saw the Dicky...

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As common as a dog lead

my Dickybag arrived today…quick service thank you……and the Dickybag itself is fab, what a great idea, I have three dogs so it will be well used, what a really fantastic product, can’t believe I’d never seen one until last weekend, I’m sure it wont be long before seeing a Dickybag is as common as seeing a dog with a lead,   Thank you for improving our walks   Cath,...

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The Best thing we purchased!

I would like to say thank you for the idea of your dicky bags.  We have just bought one from seeing an advert at Our riding Stables in Kingthorpe.  Having taken it on holiday to the lake district for our 2 dogs we found it the best thing we had purchased!!! Used every day with no hassle on walks ect – only wish we had taken some of the flyers with us to hand out to other dog owners who obviously...

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