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Close, but no Cigar!

So where has the sudden surge of Poo Keys, Doo-kee, DooDoo clips, Poop Loops and the like suddenly sprung from?  Everybody and his DOG seem to be making them! Don’t get me wrong, anything to encourage dog owners to be more responsible is a good thing but I’m a little baffled by the popularity of something that gets close but still misses the mark!  We’re not addressing the real problem of smell...

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Buy in haste, repent at leisure!

Our ethos has always been to make a fantastic product which does the job properly! We have achieved this whilst paying our brilliant Cornish production people a good wage and all the rightful VAT and Corportation Tax (a very strange ethos to have apparently these days). To put it in short, our prodcuts are Made in England, by adults. An unfortunate consequence in having this ethos is that our products...

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beware the perils of “de ja Poo”

For all you happy dog walkers out there who think they have solved their Poop problem by leaving your bags for collection on your return walk I have a word of warning! If you are spotted leaving your poo bags and walking away, you will be fined, and possibly for 2 offences! You can protest your innocence as much as you like but the evidence is you have littered by leaving it and the enforcer will...

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Never go out now without it

Just happened on your site whilst I was looking for bio-degradeable poo bags. That’s when I discovered the Dicky Bag and decided to get the poo bags to go with it. Have to say it’s one of the best purchases ever, never go out now without it because there’s a serious lack of bins where we live and it really takes the enjoyment out of a walk when you have to swing a bag of warm...

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Smell does not escape !

I have had my Dicky bag a while now and I have not had a single split poo bag since. I store a ball in it when we set off; the dog carries the ball home and by then the bag is full of poo. I have the extra large bag 2 collies and a heinz 57 it is easily big enough. Most impressivly, I forgot to empty it last monday and 7 days later the smell had STILL not escaped from the bag! I am so impressed...

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The Best dog Related Item I have Purchased

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how thrilled my friend and I are with out Dicky Bags! As promised by Barry they arrived this morning and have already been christened on our daily Malvern Hills walk. What a difference…….no swinging poohy bags……..no embarrassment from broken pooh bags after running with dogs……and best of all no smell! What an absolute...

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I cant do without it

Hiya I am a professional dog walker and take my doggy groups to various meadows and fields that don’t have any bins. Before I bought a Dicky bag I would have about 5 or 6 bags of poo to carry about, which is a nightmare when trying to get the dogs on leads. Many a bag of poo was trodden on! I read about Dicky bags in Dogs Monthly. What a genius idea! I cant do without it now. I have clipped...

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Centre Parcs – Almost Dog Friendly!

Had my first Center Parcs experience this weekend, with all the family and of course the 2 dogs and I must say that we had a really good time.  Transporting 6 bikes was a bit of an epic but I was so pleased we made the effort becuase cycling through the forrest with the dogs attached to the bikes was lovely. My one big disappointment was the lack of Dog Bins! They supply you with some poo bags on...

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Dicky Bag to the Rescue!

hi mandy, just thought i’d send you a photo to illustrate just why i’m loving my dicky bag. on tuesday, i got labradored, and dislocated my knee. i’ve been walking my dog hands-free since thursday, on my crutches, with his lead tied to my rucksack, but the poo bags have been a right pain. luckily my lovely dicky bag arrived today and my walk was sooooo much easier. the photo shows...

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Has your council tax bill gone up?

What a silly question Of course it has Could i just point out to those people who are vocal about wanting more dog bins or want them emptied more often that if you get your wish your Counil Tax will go up even more and once it goes up, it won’t be coming down . Why not find a cheaper alternative, one where you don’t have to carry plastic bags of dog poo in your hand until you get to...

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