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Has your council tax bill gone up?

What a silly questionEmbarassed

Of course it has Money mouth

Could i just point out to those people who are vocal about wanting more dog bins or want them emptied more often that if you get your wish your Counil Tax will go up even more and once it goes up, it won’t be coming down Cry.

Why not find a cheaper alternative, one where you don’t have to carry plastic bags of dog poo in your hand until you get to the dog bin?

Dicky Bag can free you from being someone else’s poo bearer for a fraction of the cost of more dog bins, and you know what councils are like.  As soon as a new party gets elected with their different views on spending the bins are likely to be removed but you’ll still be being charged for it.

Be responsible for your dog’s mess, don’t expect others to do it for you and use a dicky bag, it’s a breath of fresh air (quite literally!) to walk without the poo bags in your hand, and it doesn’t matter where the bin is because it’s no longer a problem. Cool


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