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Top 5 facts about Dog Poo

I know it’s not a nice subject but I find myself getting increasingly annoyed by silly comments made by people in an atempt to justify why they don’t pick up their dogs mess.  Like most people I used to believe that the worst thing about dog poo was stepping in it or getting it on the wheels of pushchairs or bikes but after some research I’ve discovered there is a far more sinister...

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Has your council tax bill gone up?

What a silly question Of course it has Could i just point out to those people who are vocal about wanting more dog bins or want them emptied more often that if you get your wish your Counil Tax will go up even more and once it goes up, it won’t be coming down . Why not find a cheaper alternative, one where you don’t have to carry plastic bags of dog poo in your hand until you get to...

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