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Why Anne Main is Wrong

I feel there are few people better placed to comment on the behaviour and attitude of dog owners in regards to dog fouling. For the last 8 years I have travelled the UK and spoken to hundreds of thousands of dog owners about the problem of dog fouling, including the dumped poo bag problem the lack of bins and where they believe it is acceptable to not pick up. The biggest problem is not the lack...

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Centre Parcs – Almost Dog Friendly!

Had my first Center Parcs experience this weekend, with all the family and of course the 2 dogs and I must say that we had a really good time.  Transporting 6 bikes was a bit of an epic but I was so pleased we made the effort becuase cycling through the forrest with the dogs attached to the bikes was lovely. My one big disappointment was the lack of Dog Bins! They supply you with some poo bags on...

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Dog Fouling Academy

What! It’s a special one day seminar run by Keep Britain Tidy for over 140 councils to make them aware of the problems of dog fouling (like they don’t already know) and to offer ideas and solutions to the problem.  We have been invited along to introduce them to the Dicky Bag which has been identified as a solution to all their problems.  As the new government takes power I think we...

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We’ve got no dog bins

It arrived before the email and is fab!  We walk on a lot of MOD land where there are no bins at all, so very handy.  I think I heard about it from a dog magazine, when I was first researching my puppy.  Dogs Today is the most likely candidate.  I filed it away in my brain for future reference, and you were pretty easy to find via Google when the time came.  I walk greyhounds for the RGT and am...

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best way to start the week

The kids are back at school and the cloud is rolling in (could it be icelandic volcanic ash?) and I’m currently jealous of all those people stranded in beautiful countries in the sunshine because they can’t fly home.  Never mind i’ve got my lovely customers to cheer me up and I got 2 emails this morning that certianly did that.

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dogs banned from 72 nottinghamshire parks

Nottinghamshire council have put dog bans in place in 72 of their parks due to an increase in the number of cases of dog fouling.  Irresponsible dog owners are to blame for the out right ban which means every dog and their owners will suffer.  People will have to drive to alternative locations to allow their dogs to exercise properly is this what we want to encourage at a time of concern over global...

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Has your council tax bill gone up?

What a silly question Of course it has Could i just point out to those people who are vocal about wanting more dog bins or want them emptied more often that if you get your wish your Counil Tax will go up even more and once it goes up, it won’t be coming down . Why not find a cheaper alternative, one where you don’t have to carry plastic bags of dog poo in your hand until you get to...

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Have you ever tried Geocaching?

Isn’t it funny what you can find on the world wide web! Yesterday as we were happily surfing the internet looking for a bone shapped karabiner (whole other story) when we came across Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing).  Has any one out that tried it?  It looks like great fun and i’m certainly interested in giving it a go.  The site we found was called UK Geocachers where you can get...

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