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beware the perils of “de ja Poo”

For all you happy dog walkers out there who think they have solved their Poop problem by leaving your bags for collection on your return walk I have a word of warning!

If you are spotted leaving your poo bags and walking away, you will be fined, and possibly for 2 offences!

You can protest your innocence as much as you like but the evidence is you have littered by leaving it and the enforcer will not be prepared to wait to see if you collect it on your return.  They are also within their rights to issue you a ticket for not removing your dog’s faeces.  A double whammy!

To be sure you don’t end up with a £50 or even a £100 fine can I suggest you invest in a Dicky Bag so that you never feel, or get treated, like a criminal!

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