All You Need To Know About Training Your Dog

dog-training-1Your dog is an addition to your family, and just like any family member he will need to get used to your routines, learn to live with his ‘housemates’, and feel happy and relaxed in his home environment. While we can explain why we do things in a certain way to our friends and family, dogs have to learn through experience – and making sure your dog has good experiences of the various things he will encounter should help to make both your lives easier.

Bad behaviour – barking, chewing up the curtains, or having ‘accidents’ indoors, are all things which can be remedied and will all have a root cause in something which your dog has experienced. By training your dog through positive reinforcement you will encourage your dog to behave, and you should then have a happy, healthy and obedient dog.

Kerri Bee is a qualified APDT Dog Trainer, and has provided the helpful guides below on key aspects of dog training and wellbeing. If you have any questions or would like more information on dog training please visit or contact Kerri.

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