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Win a Dickybag!

If you were a Dickybag what colour and style would you be and why?  Would you be a pink Dickybag because you are bright and cheery for example? Do you have a pair of shoes that match perfectly?

Write a really entertaining (and clean) piece about what kind of Dickybag you would be and post it on our Facebook Fanpage wall.

THEN… ask all your friends on your friends list who have dogs to come and” like” our page! (after they “like” us they need to say hi on the wall and mention you so we know they came through you).

You will get scored out of 10 for your post and you’ll get a point for each new friend who follows us (as long as they mention your name on the wall too).  The person with the most points will get the dickybag of their choosing! :)) 
Winners will be picked after 21st November.

Good luck!!!

(by the way, I’d be a little gold one because I’m small and perfectly formed and it would match the colour of my halo so well! :)