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Pet Lover Gift Idea

DicKy Bag Gift Box

Perfect Dog Gifts for all Dog Owners

Looking for the ideal pet lover gift idea? Then why not give them a Dicky Bag?! It’s a great gift to give to any dog owner, either on its own or as part of a pet love gift basket.

Do you always struggle to find those perfect dog gifts for your pet loving friends and family?  The Dicky Bag will help solve this problem, a perfect present for the responsible dog owner.  No more inconvenient plastic bags of poop to carry on their walk, just use the Dicky Bag and enter Dog Walking Heaven!

Convenient and hygienic the Dicky Bag comes with a storage and dispensing area for clean bags, an air tight container for carrying full bags until you reach the bin, and a bespoke air freshener keeping all the nasty smells at bay.  Made from wetsuit material which makes it very lightweight, soft but also tough and hardwearing.

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No one enjoys cleaning up their dog poo but it is one of the unavoidable parts of being a dog owner.  By presenting a Dicky Bag you will help your friends and family enjoy their dog walking as they will no longer have to carry that unsightly bag of poo during their dog walk.  It will be tucked inconspicuously away, with no threats of leakages and all smells completely masked.  Once near a bin they will be able to dispose of the full bag quickly and easily.

Our children would never carry a bag of poo, but they all want to wear a Dicky Bag empty or full because it looks cool.  What better way to teach them to be conscientious dog owners.

You can choose from an array of funky colours and you will delight all your dog owner friends with this innovative gift.  No more problems finding those perfect pet gifts.

All Dicky Bags are sent in a classic crystal clear presentation box with everything required, including a fragrance disk and biodegradable dog poop pick up bags.

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