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The Complete Solution To Picking Up Dog Mess



Dicky bag – the complete solution for poop pick up.

This unique patented dog poop scoop design consists of a storage and dispensing area for clean bags and an airtight container for storing the full bags until to reach a bin the bespoke air freshener masks any foul smells. There is even room to store a spare roll of clean bags to avoid that awful moment when you’ve come to the end of the roll.

No one enjoys clearing up their dog’s mess but i much prefer it to stepping in it. We responsible dog owners do it because it’s the right thing to do. This makes you a good person so there is no need to punish yourself by carrying around a plastic bag full of smelly poo! Use a Dicky Bag!

If you’re anything like me you enjoy walking the dog either by myself or with friends and family. I love throwing the ball for the dog, chatting to other owners about their dogs or just passing the time of day. It’s a very social activity. Why then do we partake in the very unsociable act of parading plastic bags of poo. The Dicky Bag can remove this unsitely object, remove the smell so you can become a sociable human being again – and continue in Dog Walking Heaven.

Whether a bin is 10m or 10km away use a Dicky Bag, it makes your walk so much nicer.

My kids would never hold a plastic bag of poo, but they all want to wear the Dicky Bag because it looks cool, empty or full. You can teach your kids to be conscientious dog owners too.

Use the Dicky bag for couple of weeks and you’ll find it hard to walk the dog without it. No more checking your pockets for bags, or even worse going to pick up the mess only to realise you didn’t check your pocket for bags! In the Large and Medium Dicky Bags there is even room to store an extra roll of biodegradable pick up bags to avoid the end of roll panic. The Dicky bag is extremely lightweight, soft and yet tough, looks great (there’s a choice of designs to suit everyone) and doesn’t need to be held in your hand leaving you with both hands free to enjoy your walk.

Made with superior quality double lined neoprene the Dicky Bag feels and looks good. No hard and unforgiving plastics have been used so there is no problem fitting the size of the poo into the container and it isn’t heavy to carry or awkward to wear.

Stuck for a gift? Remember the Dicky Bag – an ideal dog gift for all you dog owning friends

You’ll be in Dog Walking Heaven!!