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Dog Gifts and Presents for Dog Lovers

Dog GiftsWhat do you give a dog lover who already has all the accessories for their beloved dog? They may already have the Paris Hilton style dog carrier bag and matching dog collar. Their dog sleeps on a heated orthopaedic bed and dines on fillet steak. Lucky dog!

Well look no further as we have some of the most useful presents for dog lovers you will ever find. Something they will truly appreciate.

Pooper Scooper

One of the less enjoyable aspects of owning a dog is picking up the poop. You then have to carry this delightful bag with you until you find a bin. It can spoil an otherwise enjoyable walk. We have the ideal solution to solve this problem.

Created by Mandy and Barry Davis, they saw a gap in the market whilst walking their dogs. They hated swinging that bag of poop and when researching pooper scoopers on the market they could not find one to fit the bill. Many were cumbersome and unsightly and failed to mask that inevitable smell.

Dog Gifts from Dicky Bag

Presents for Dog LoversThe end result was the creation of the Dicky Bag. Please visit here for more information about this unique pooper scooper.

A lightweight neoprene bag, sealed to make it completely air tight. Clipped onto your belt and with a bespoke air freshener to mask any smells, it provides the ideal carrier for your poop bags. Not only is it practical it is also stylish and comes in a number of colours and sizes.

Once you have used one you would not imagine being without it.

Why not compliment this present with an additional gift or two. Here is a great site that concentrate exclusively on providing unique products for man’s best friend:

  • Pressies for Dogs web site offers a wide selection of treats for your dog. Ranging from confectionary and cakes to toys and pampering products your pooch will feel very spoilt with any of these gifts. Many of these gifts can be personalised for you. Please visit Pressies 4 Dogs.

Why not buy a Dicky Bag for your dog loving friend and hide one of these other presents inside the bag.

Purchase a Dicky Bag here.

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