Dog Fouling Academy

What! Surprised

It’s a special one day seminar run by Keep Britain Tidy for over 140 councils to make them aware of the problems of dog fouling (like they don’t already know) and to offer ideas and solutions to the problem.  We have been invited along to introduce them to the Dicky Bag which has been identified as a solution to all their problems.  As the new government takes power I think we all know we are in for some tough times with budget cuts so more councils are likely to take the view of Wokingham borough council who took out 245 dog bins last year and saved themselves £60,000.

We are hoping that along with these extreme measures the councils will have the forethought to offer their residents an alternative to dog bins just like Conwy council have and invest in Dicky Bags enabling dog owners to transport their dogs waste as far as necessary to the nearest bin or even to their homes.

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