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Why Anne Main is Wrong

I feel there are few people better placed to comment on the behaviour and attitude of dog owners in regards to dog fouling. For the last 8 years I have travelled the UK and spoken to hundreds of thousands of dog owners about the problem of dog fouling, including the dumped poo bag problem the lack of bins and where they believe it is acceptable to not pick up. The biggest problem is not the lack...

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Cattle Culling because of Parasite in Dog Waste

Here is a very interesting report on BBC Countryfile about a parasite called Neospora. Dogs act as a host to these parasites which they can pick up from all types of meat and food and as there is no cure or vaccine so the parasite won’t be eradicated with worming tablets. If infected dog waste is left and the contaminated grass is injested by cattle the only way of erracdicating the disease...

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Which came first?

Hi there people. I was having a chat with a friend of mine the other day who couldn’t wait to tell me about the imminent arrival of her first puppy and it got me thinking about our philosphy on pet ownership versus having children. Having spoken to many dog owners over the year and there seems to be a common pattern which takes one of two paths. Path 1.  Having lived together for a while a...

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Holidays with your dog

Are you planning on taking your dog on holiday with you this year so you can both enjoy walking in pastures (or beaches) new? You’ve worked hard all year, spent a lot on your hard earned cash on just the right accommodation so when you finally arrive and you get out to walk and explore your beautiful surroundings don’t become a Dog Poo Slave As a person who lives in a popular tourist...

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Review by Trail Magazine

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to annoy everyone in the countryside it is stepping in dog poo.  In fact my dogs are not too keen on stepping on it either!  So that means we dog owners need to pick up, no matter where we are.  For the past year i’ve been using the Dicky Bag to pack out poop from the hills.  This tough neoprene bag can be attached to your rucksack belt, the zip-off...

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Centre Parcs – Almost Dog Friendly!

Had my first Center Parcs experience this weekend, with all the family and of course the 2 dogs and I must say that we had a really good time.  Transporting 6 bikes was a bit of an epic but I was so pleased we made the effort becuase cycling through the forrest with the dogs attached to the bikes was lovely. My one big disappointment was the lack of Dog Bins! They supply you with some poo bags on...

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The Best thing we purchased!

I would like to say thank you for the idea of your dicky bags.  We have just bought one from seeing an advert at Our riding Stables in Kingthorpe.  Having taken it on holiday to the lake district for our 2 dogs we found it the best thing we had purchased!!! Used every day with no hassle on walks ect – only wish we had taken some of the flyers with us to hand out to other dog owners who obviously...

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Dog Fouling Academy

What! It’s a special one day seminar run by Keep Britain Tidy for over 140 councils to make them aware of the problems of dog fouling (like they don’t already know) and to offer ideas and solutions to the problem.  We have been invited along to introduce them to the Dicky Bag which has been identified as a solution to all their problems.  As the new government takes power I think we...

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dogs banned from 72 nottinghamshire parks

Nottinghamshire council have put dog bans in place in 72 of their parks due to an increase in the number of cases of dog fouling.  Irresponsible dog owners are to blame for the out right ban which means every dog and their owners will suffer.  People will have to drive to alternative locations to allow their dogs to exercise properly is this what we want to encourage at a time of concern over global...

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independent review

Just thought I would share this with the world.  A fantastic article which was written about our Dicky Bag from an independent test.  What is particularly pleasing is that they totally understand the design of the product and it’s purpose. Dog owners everywhere know what it’s like to walk around the block with their dog’s leash in one hand and a bag of their best friends 15 minute...

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