Holidays with your dog

Are you planning on taking your dog on holiday with you this year so you can both enjoy walking in pastures (or beaches) new?

You’ve worked hard all year, spent a lot on your hard earned cash on just the right accommodation so when you finally arrive and you get out to walk and explore your beautiful surroundings don’t become a Dog Poo Slave Cry

As a person who lives in a popular tourist destination let me give you my top tips when walking/holidaying with your dog.

You deserve to enjoy yourself as much as the dog does so don’t sort out the poo problem before you arrive.

Coastal paths, beaches, canal paths, national trust land and national parks have very few, if any, bins and you could be left swinging your nasty knotted bag for a whole day or have it sitting by you whilst you have a fun day on the beach, and that smell is sure to put you off your picnic Yell

 Ask any Dicky Bag owner, or take a look at the testimonials, to see how much better life is when you walk your dog with a Dicky Bag.  People are amazed at how brilliant it is, and how much nicer walking the dog is, which is why they become Dicky Disciples and feel the need to tell every other dog owner it’s the best thing they’ve bought.

Even with a full Dicky Bag you can pop into the pub, cafe or shop because no smell and no evidence of a poo bag means you’re welcome everywhere.

Now of course you can buy them from our website, or you might be lucky enough to find a shop or stall selling them at county or dog show near you, but if you are holidaying in Cornwall, Devon or Jersey and you didn’t get round to buying a bag before you left visit our links page to see where you can get your Dicky Bag when you’re on holiday.

You might only buy it for your holiday, but before long you’ll realise you’ll use it every day Cool


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