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Cattle Culling because of Parasite in Dog Waste

Here is a very interesting report on BBC Countryfile about a parasite called Neospora. Dogs act as a host to these parasites which they can pick up from all types of meat and food and as there is no cure or vaccine so the parasite won’t be eradicated with worming tablets. If infected dog waste is left and the contaminated grass is injested by cattle the only way of erracdicating the disease from the herd is to cull the infected animals. This isn’t just a problem if you walk in pastures, other animals and birds can transfer the parasite to the pasture, so the message is, IT’S NEVER OK TO LEAVE DOG MESS!! The only way to find out if your dog is infected is with a blood test as your dog can function normally whilst being a host to this deadly parasite.

The Parasite is hazardous for at least 6 months, long after any trace of dog waste is visible, meaning it can be picked up on the feet of othe animals and birds and transfered to the pasture. Neospora is the number 1 cause of abortion in cattle and is estimated to cost the British economy £20 million and £800 million world wide, and all because a few people are too precious to pick up. Cattle can’t be treated meaning the only way the farmer can protect his herd is by culling the infected cows and potentially their calves too!

Having travelled the Country selling Dicky Bags I have spoken to thousands of dog owners, and it infuriates me when they tell me that they don’t have to pick up becuase they walk in fields so their dog doesn’t poo on paths! I knew this wasn’t the answer to the dog poop problem but I had no idea of the seriousness of the problem regarding infecting other livestock. Watch out reluctant poop pickers, I have the information and I’m not afraid to tell you you’re wrong!

Watch the report, it’s fascinating, it’s about 45 minutes in


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