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Just thought I would share this with the world.  A fantastic article which was written about our Dicky Bag from an independent test.  What is particularly pleasing is that they totally understand the design of the product and it’s purpose.

Dog owners everywhere know what it’s like to walk around the block with their dog’s leash in one hand and a bag of their best friends 15 minute old poop in the other. After about 10 minutes you start wondering why nobody has a trash can although you have been down this same street earlier and your dog almost knocked you over trying to pee on one around here. As you walk past the neighbor that you swear is stealing your newspaper you think about how funny it would be to leave it on his porch. You realize you have been through this same experience before when Sam the good looking jogger stopped by you while walking your dog to say hi and you were standing there like an idiot with a bag of dog poop. After an outing like that you are finally fed up enough to fix the problem. So you go on line and see there are very few solutions out there for this kind of thing until you discover the Dicky Bag.
The Dicky bag is a carrying case that holds the bag of dog poop until you find a trash can and it also stores the unused bags in a pouch inside for next time. Let’s face it dog poop stinks so putting it in a little garbage bag isn’t going to make it go away. Especially if you can’t find a trash can and you are stuck holding it for 20 minutes. The Dicky Bag is a solution to that problem exactly. It is a odor prevention device used to store the plastic bags containing your dog’s poop until you are lucky enough to find a trash can. The Dicky Bag comes in 5 different designs and colors. Once you select what you want it to look like you decide how big or small you need it to be. It comes in different sizes and on the website where you can find a size guide to help you figure out which one you need. It eliminates the need to carry anything because it clips onto your dogs leash or your belt buckle to leave you with both hands free. It is washable and there is even a removable fragrance disk that helps mask the smell. It is fairly priced for something you can use for a lifetime and if it doesn’t last it is backed by it’s lifetime manufacturers warranty. You and your dog will give the Dicky bag 4 paws up.

Thanks to Melissa from Sparky’s getting funky

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