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It’s gonna take more than just another pick up campaign!

Please don’t misunderstand my views written here, I commend everyone involved in trying to encourage more dog owners to act responsibly, but yet another poop scoop campaign, this one entitled THE BIG SCOOP which launches on 14th June 2013, involving Keep Britain Tidy, Ben Fogle, Kirsty Allsop and the Dogs Trust, will bring exactly the same results it always has and NO PERMANENT POSITIVE EFFECT...

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The Poo Tree!!

The first time that I, Dicky Dog encountered the poo tree I was quite taken aback to say the least. I’d been out for a lovely stroll with my faithful human companions and as we returned to the car park at a hitherto unexplored location, there, just off the beaten path was the poo tree. Rearing it’s ugly branches from the wilderness, a tree so unpleasant it stopped me in my tracks. There...

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Keep Britain Tidy

We our proud to be partnering anti-litter charity Keep Britain Tidy in their new campaign targeting irresponsible dog owners. Dicky Bag are supplying 20,000 biodegradable dog poo bags to help back the campaign and with a combined effort of numerous local authorities and an organization with such high profile as Keep Britain Tidy we believe that it will make a substantial difference to the dog littering...

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paws in the park 2010

What a fantastic day! We managed to get to paws in the park at the Hop Farm in Kent this Sunday and we had a fantastic time.  This is the first time i’ve been to this event and i’ve got to say it’s my favourite dog show so far!  Of course I’m sure it helped that the sun shone too.  My only regret was I didn’t have our  2 dogs with us.  I know Rosie would of loved a...

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Dog Fouling Academy

What! It’s a special one day seminar run by Keep Britain Tidy for over 140 councils to make them aware of the problems of dog fouling (like they don’t already know) and to offer ideas and solutions to the problem.  We have been invited along to introduce them to the Dicky Bag which has been identified as a solution to all their problems.  As the new government takes power I think we...

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Dicky Bag Helps Keep Britain Tidy

The Dicky Bag has found another fan base in the form of Keep Britain Tidy campaign.  This is fantastic news because the Dicky bag was not only invented to help dog owners by providing a civilised way of carrying dog poo, it also intends to create more responsible dog owners.  By offering more solutions to the problem of dog fouling it will become less acceptable to not pick up after your dog or...

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