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The Poo Tree!!

The first time that I, Dicky Dog encountered the poo tree I was quite taken aback to say the least.

I’d been out for a lovely stroll with my faithful human companions and as we returned to the car park at a hitherto unexplored location, there, just off the beaten path was the poo tree. Rearing it’s ugly branches from the wilderness, a tree so unpleasant it stopped me in my tracks.

There on almost all of its branches were hanging bags of poo, in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colours – the blue ones, the black ones and those really unpleasant “peach” coloured nappy bags too… !

Now I understand that there was no poo bin nearby, but to what levels of depravity must we stoop in order to dispose of doggy deposits? Why go to all the bother of even bagging your dog’s poop just to leave it hanging from the poo tree? I’ll tell you why- because everyone else does it!

Rise above the herd dog owners, do the “poo fairy” a favour and take your poo home if you can’t find a bin! A dickybag will make the whole experience far more acceptable than you can currently imagine – I promise!

In this instance unfortunately I had to explain to my poor distraught human why there were bags of poo hanging from a tree, a conversation not devoid of creative wording/woofing I assure you!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Dicky Dog

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