Dogs… why do we love them so much?

If you’ve got a dog, (and if you’re on the Dickybag website) the chances are that you know how special dogs are… we’ve had a long relationship with these very special creatures although no one really knows the specifics of when dogs were domesticated but archelogists are aware of many cultures around the world who allowed dogs into the tribe from 14,000 years ago! That’s a long term relationship there! Some ancient graves have discovered the remains of humans who were buried with their canine family members.

So, are dogs better companions than our own partners? Some people think so and favour canine company over human company… (and sometimes it’s understandable too!)

Dogs are real team players that take direction and naturally follow a social hierarchy. They readily accept us as part of their pack and know when you want to play, when you’re feeling angry or when you need the age old “chin on the knee and big sad eyes” move to be deployed too!

Our dogs have the ability to feel genuine affection towards us and to learn all kinds of tricks to make us happy. For the most part dogs are good natured, accepting partners of our domestic circumstance and they hardly ever complain or threaten to leave us either! If we do make a mistake our dog is always quick to forgive us.

Dogs are a comforting presence in our world as we maneuver our way through the obstacle course of daily life.

So… if your dog has the occasional accident on the kitchen floor as a puppy or when he gets into his more senior years… or if he may even steals a mouthful of cake off the coffee table… consider it payment for a lifetime of love and service.

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