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Your dog’s poo is toxic

At last, some one has put up the sign that tells it how it is! YOUR DOG’S WASTE IS TOXIC. This is a great poster placed by the National Trust in St Agnes, Cornwall. Lets hope this starts a new trend of telling people the truth. Picking up after your dog isn’t about fines and avoiding getting caught, it’s about doing the right thing all the time, and knowing why it’s the right...

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It’s gonna take more than just another pick up campaign!

Please don’t misunderstand my views written here, I commend everyone involved in trying to encourage more dog owners to act responsibly, but yet another poop scoop campaign, this one entitled THE BIG SCOOP which launches on 14th June 2013, involving Keep Britain Tidy, Ben Fogle, Kirsty Allsop and the Dogs Trust, will bring exactly the same results it always has and NO PERMANENT POSITIVE EFFECT...

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Which came first?

Hi there people. I was having a chat with a friend of mine the other day who couldn’t wait to tell me about the imminent arrival of her first puppy and it got me thinking about our philosphy on pet ownership versus having children. Having spoken to many dog owners over the year and there seems to be a common pattern which takes one of two paths. Path 1.  Having lived together for a while a...

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Dogs… why do we love them so much?

If you’ve got a dog, (and if you’re on the Dickybag website) the chances are that you know how special dogs are… we’ve had a long relationship with these very special creatures although no one really knows the specifics of when dogs were domesticated but archelogists are aware of many cultures around the world who allowed dogs into the tribe from 14,000 years ago! That’s a long term relationship...

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We love Cornwall’s Crealy at Halloween

Off to Cornwall’s Crealy this afternoon for a slice of Halloween fun.  It’s great there this time of year.  Plenty of fun games to take part in as well as all the usual rides.  The kids are so used to the place now it’s more like their own back garden.  The fact that we can take the dogs with us is also a bonus, a true family day out! Top tip You can give your dogs a good chase...

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