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Treat Bag Video Demo

I’ve been brought, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century by my son! You can now see a lovely little video demo of out treat bags. See all the benefits for yourself and see how quick and easy it is to access those treats to get the best performance from your dog; whether you are training your puppy or trying your hand at dog agility, our treat bags won’t let you down.

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Cattle Culling because of Parasite in Dog Waste

Here is a very interesting report on BBC Countryfile about a parasite called Neospora. Dogs act as a host to these parasites which they can pick up from all types of meat and food and as there is no cure or vaccine so the parasite won’t be eradicated with worming tablets. If infected dog waste is left and the contaminated grass is injested by cattle the only way of erracdicating the disease...

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Win tickets to Crufts 2012

March 8th – 11th 2012 at the NEC in Birmingham and here are just a few ways you can win tickets to the Crufts 2012 Dog Beds simply want you to follow them on facebook or twitter or retweet there competition details Xtra Dog want you to answer 2 simple question from their blog Pets and animal directory want you to tell them when and where crufts 2012 is being held (well i’ve already given...

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Crufts 2012

If there is one thing guaranteed to help you get through the often miserable months of January and February it’s the knowledge that Crufts is just around the corner.  2012 is going to be a very busy year for the UK what with Diamond Jubilees and the Olympic Games and so I’ve got a feeling that Cruft 2012 is going to be the best yet.  All the best of the Canine world will be gathering...

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Dogs… why do we love them so much?

If you’ve got a dog, (and if you’re on the Dickybag website) the chances are that you know how special dogs are… we’ve had a long relationship with these very special creatures although no one really knows the specifics of when dogs were domesticated but archelogists are aware of many cultures around the world who allowed dogs into the tribe from 14,000 years ago! That’s a long term relationship...

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Dicky Bag review in Dogs Monthly

Make sure you get your copy of June’s Dog Monthly Magazine which will be in the shops from the 6th May.  The assistant editor of the magazine, Hannah Graham, trialled the Dicky Bag and her full review will be published in June’s edition.  Dogs Monthly is reported to be the UK’s fastest growing dog magazine and they have some fascinating articles about dogs and their owners, new...

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getting to grips with the Dicky Bag.

Hi Mandy. The Dicky Bag arrived on Monday, thanks. We’ve got a 7 month old Collie (Millie) and the bag was christened on Thurlestone beach today…! I would have sent a photo in, but that’s a bit too sad, I think..My wife Louise is the main doggie walker and for some insane reason I thought it would make a good present for her Birthday today, and I think it went down well enough. She had a bit...

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Ban on Electric Shock collars

The Welsh Assembly have taken a bold step in animal welfare by banning the use of electric shock collars on cats and dogs.  There are now calls for the rest of the UK to follow suit.  Both the Kennel Club and the RSPCA were delighted with the outcome and all animal welfare groups are very pleased with ruling.  There are believed to be over 500,000 shock collars in the UK and not surprisingly the...

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