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Ten Doggy Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is under 2 weeks away and the usual questions of what to buy those special people in your life are bound to be flying around at breakneck speed…

But what about your canine companions? What will you be buying them this Christmas? Here is a list of ten suggestions for a Merry Doggy Christmas!

1. Obviously no Top Ten Doggy Xmas list would be complete without our very own Dickybag! A gift for you as well as your dog – you’ll never have to walk around swinging a bag of poo again!

2. Water Dispenser – we like this water dispenser from the PDSA for when you’re out and about and your dog would quite like a nice drink of fresh, clean water!

3. There are some lovely, scrummy things for dogs here! This cake looks good enough for us to eat let alone our doggy pals!

4. We love these rawhide tree baubles from Pet Planet!

5. We do like to dress up at Christmas don’t we? So why should your dog get left out? Check out this bah humbug outfit from Bonnie Dogs!

6. These designer dog bowls are pretty fab! You’ll need to scroll down the page to find them though!

7. Your dog will love chasing Santa around the garden with this Santa ball buddy!

8. For the real diva doggies – this site really does what is says on the tin!

9. Doggy sleeping bag in the shape of a stocking!

10. Why should you be the only one who gets to experience the joys of the bobble hat?

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