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Ten Doggy Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is under 2 weeks away and the usual questions of what to buy those special people in your life are bound to be flying around at breakneck speed… But what about your canine companions? What will you be buying them this Christmas? Here is a list of ten suggestions for a Merry Doggy Christmas! 1. Obviously no Top Ten Doggy Xmas list would be complete without our very own Dickybag! A...

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Bird attacks make picking up dog poo harder

Just a word of warning to the people who choose to leave their bags of dog poo ready for collection at the end of their walk. Sue Whitely from Cumbria was just telling us today, when she called to order Dicky Bag, that her prefered method of leaving her bag of dog poo so she could collect on the return journey of her walk has recently been made impossible by the local crows.  These birds have got...

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Dicky Bag to the Rescue!

hi mandy, just thought i’d send you a photo to illustrate just why i’m loving my dicky bag. on tuesday, i got labradored, and dislocated my knee. i’ve been walking my dog hands-free since thursday, on my crutches, with his lead tied to my rucksack, but the poo bags have been a right pain. luckily my lovely dicky bag arrived today and my walk was sooooo much easier. the photo shows...

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Stop you’re making me blush!!!

I must say I’m flattered! The product reviews you’ve been sending have been wonderful – I couldn’t have written them better myself. Obviously I love the product but then I invented it, but it makes me feel like a proud parent to hear you love it to Take a look at these  I won a Dicky bag at  alocal dog show, having never heard of the company before I didn’t know just...

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It’s hard to stop people borrowing it!

I won a Dicky bag at alocal dog show, having never heard of the company before I didn’t know just how great this product was. We take our bag to every show,walk and journey and it really is brilliant. You wouldn’t know what it contained and I honestly couldn’t live without our now! My mum and sister are having one each for christmas they are amazed. I keep having to ask for my...

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