getting to grips with the Dicky Bag.

Hi Mandy.

The Dicky Bag arrived on Monday, thanks.

We’ve got a 7 month old Collie (Millie) and the bag was christened on Thurlestone beach today…! I would have sent a photo in, but that’s a bit too sad, I think..My wife Louise is the main doggie walker and for some insane reason I thought it would make a good present for her Birthday today, and I think it went down well enough. She had a bit of trouble on the beach chasing after Millie and getting her to poo directly into it and it got a bit messy but I’ve explained how it works now and I think she’ll get the hang of it soon. Wink

 I found you by doing an Internet search on Google for “presents for dog lovers” . Great site, well written and It struck a chord as we’d done a similar thing with my computer repair business

 I think its a brilliant idea and I wish you all well with it and we’ll be your ambassadors in Exeter and I’m sure when our mates (with dogs) see it, they’ll surely all want one.


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