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What are they saying?

I’m pleased to say that slowly but surely the nation is coming round to our way of thinking.

Why have we been carrying bags of dog poo in our hands?  And just to prove it here are some of the fantastic comments we have received.

“I am a professional dog walker and  have bought products before which you use to carry your dogs No2’s in and have given up with them with in a couple of days as they have always been so impractical to use.  I must say I have been using my Dicky bag for 3 weeks now and love it!” Kelly from Fareham.


“I recently purchased a dicky bag (dog poo bag!) online as it seemed the answer to all of my dog poop scoop problems (no bins on walks, clutching a tesco carrier bag blatantly full of crap – you know how it is! ) Well it arrived yesterday and I am pleased to report that it didn’t dissapoint! They look pretty funky and clip easily onto either the dog lead or your belt. Fantastic for me as I never had enough hands before to ferry bags of poo whilst atempting to control a small lab pup plus 3 kids!
We took the dicky bag (and the pup!) along with us to do a carboot this morning. Our furry friend didn’t let the side down and issued 2 fine smelling dumps which were swiftly bagged and deposited in the dicky bag.  They were then left to fement for several hours in the back of the car. Normally a gas mask would be required to stand within 10 ft of the car having left our pooches poo for so long! This time though there was no odour at all. The OH can vouch for this as he insisted on sniffing the bag up close :0/.  Definite thumbs up, must have item for all dog owners!”   Kimberley from Milford Haven

“Just come back from a somewhat windy and sometimes wet holiday in Devon. I asked for the dicky bag to be delivered to the rental property we were staying in. They were there ready and waiting (I purchased two, one for a friend).

We used them the whole time, they were fabulously useful particularly when taking a long beach walk. Several other dog owners asked where we had got them and so a positive response and all info was given!

Well done to all at DB, great, great product. On top of which, it is so light when clipped to your belt loop you don’t even know you are carrying anything – let alone poo!”  Miranda from London

Thanks for all the possitive responses, we obviously love the Dicky Bag and it’s nice to hear that you do too!


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