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Tag: bags of poo

I cant do without it

Hiya I am a professional dog walker and take my doggy groups to various meadows and fields that don’t have any bins. Before I bought a Dicky bag I would have about 5 or 6 bags of poo to carry about, which is a nightmare when trying to get the dogs on leads. Many a bag of poo was trodden on! I read about Dicky bags in Dogs Monthly. What a genius idea! I cant do without it now. I have clipped...

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The only place in the Country that wants snow!

As mad as it sounds, our kids are desperate for some good snow! They see picture after picture of towns snowed in and all we get is icy cold rain – see it’s not all great when you live in Newquay.  Because we get a band of warmer air it is a rare occurrence to get enough snow to sledge.  We had a good snow shower on Thursday between 7.50am and 8.10am which left a staggering 2cm of snow...

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What are they saying?

I’m pleased to say that slowly but surely the nation is coming round to our way of thinking. Why have we been carrying bags of dog poo in our hands?  And just to prove it here are some of the fantastic comments we have received. “I am a professional dog walker and  have bought products before which you use to carry your dogs No2’s in and have given up with them with in a couple...

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