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The only place in the Country that wants snow!

As mad as it sounds, our kids are desperate for some good snow!Frown

They see picture after picture of towns snowed in and all we get is icy cold rain – see it’s not all great when you live in Newquay.  Because we get a band of warmer air it is a rare occurrence to get enough snow to sledge.  We had a good snow shower on Thursday between 7.50am and 8.10am which left a staggering 2cm of snow on the floor and led to most of our street dashing outside to take part in a mass snowball fight before it all disappeared, and as per usual we were pretty much snow free by 1pm.  Coming from Essex originally, were we would get a good few inches of snow, there is nothing sadder than watching the poor kids of Newquay trying to sledge on what can only be described as a white pavement, pretending that it’s snow!


Yet again today there were promises on the weather forecasts (which our kids are suddenly addicted to) of heavy snowfall in the South West.  Now they are young and naive enough to still believe the weather men/ladies and they take their word as gospel.  Just imagine their disappointment again when all we’ve got is – Icy Rain and a howling wind!  It’s like telling a 5 year old Santa doesn’t exist!Cry

So to all you people up-country who have been selfish enough to keep the snow to themselves, I hope you’re proud of yourselves, and in the future please learn to share!!Tongue out

I think the dogs are happier it hasn’t snowed because all their normal walks have been clear if slightly frozen, and i’m extra pleased i’ve got a dicky bag to put my dog poo bags in so i don’t get cold hands swinging my bags of poo (and i still can’t understand those people who admit to using fresh bags of poo as hand warmersYell)




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