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Fun Germ Stories

Dirty hands really do poison thousands of people.  Surveys show that almost a third of people do not wash their hands after using the toilet.  With an estimated 80% of infection transmitted by the hand good hygiene habits really will go a long way to keep germs and illness away.

The Facts

Here are some ‘fun’ facts we have learnt about germs in our search for the perfect hand sanitizer.  This will definitely be making us reach for our hand sanitizers at more than just dog walking occasions!

Which has the most Germs?

Toilet Seat versus dinner tray

Is it the toilet seat or the cafeteria tray? Scroll down for the answer.

Scary but True

    1. Peanuts at the bar – are you tempted to try a few?  Well think again, do you know who has been putting their hands into that bowl?  Many laboratory tests have found numerous traces of urine located on these peanuts.
    2. Women’s handbag – this could be making you sick.  Hard to believe I know but the bottom of a women’s hand bag came above the office phone and mats and machines at the Gym in germ tests.  We take our hand bags with us most places and studies have shown that fecal bacteria you would normally find on the floor of the toilet is often located on the bottom of our hand bags.  Next time you place your hand bag on the floor of that public toilet think about those germs.
    3. Kitchen sinks – they harbour more bacteria than any other place in your house.  They scored worse than the airplane bathroom and shopping cart handles.  Located centrally to food preparation you can see how essential it is to give the sink an extra clean to avoid the spread of bugs around your family.  And don’t forget to have good dishrag etiquette; these are great festering locations for germs.
    4. Office phones – do you know who has been using them, did they wash their hands after going to the toilet?  This is the number one germ zone in the office. In fact desktops, keyboards and the mouse have all been shown to be worse for germs than the office toilet.  An unsettling fact since many of us grab our lunch or a snack whilst sitting at our desks.

      Remember keeping your hands clean really does go a long way to preventing illness.  Keep your hand sanitizer conveniently in your Dicky Bag and one in your hand bag and you will safe in the knowledge that your hands are germ free.

      Did you guess right?  The cafeteria tray is a germier place than the toilet seat.

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