The Debate on Compulsory Dog Insurance

I woke up this morning and the first thing I heard on the radio was the news that it has been suggested the way to reduce the incidents of dogs attacking people and other animals is to make every dog owner take out a form of liability insurance.  It is now 1pm and frankly I’m sick of hearing everyone and his dog (sorry bad use of the term) giving their views on us dog owners.  Surely we are capable of deciding for ourselves whether or not our dog is likely to be vicious and responsible enough to restrain them where necessary and if we want to have the safe guard of insurance to organise and purchase it.

If any one is interested in my point of view here it is.

Who runs the insurance companies?  That’s right the rich powerful people who are closely linked to or like to fund political parties or indeed ex politicians. Surprised

Who wins in the insurance game,  is it the insured or the insurance company?  Right again the insurance company. Surprised

Do you know of any poor insurance companies? No Money mouth

So in summary, us the poor public will yet again be lining the pockets of the rich and powerful becuase someone has told us we must, on a pointless and useless insurance which will only be purchased by law obiding people who don’t own dangerous dogs.  It won’t stop people owning dangerous dogs, much like car insurance doesn’t stop joy riding, and who is going to police it?

I must admit I had to check my calendar to check it wasn’t April 1st!!Wink




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