Change your Life!

This is why i invented the Dicky Bag – to make people as happy as this!

Who would have thought something to do with transporting dog poo could change your life! My Dicky Bag (Size medium in camouflage) arrived yesterday and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is not to have to be carrying my dog poo to the next bin, which could be a mile away. I walk in a 1000 acre wood and because its a natural habitat there are no dog poo bins. My answer has been to go in and out by the same track enabling me to pick up my dog’s deposits (already bagged and waiting) on my way home. Now I’m free to wander where I want, go in one track and home another all because of my Dicky Bag. No smell, no fuss, very easy to carry around my waist or cross body with the handy shoulder strap – its a – may – zing! I will be telling all my doggy friends in the Grantown Green Dog Walkers about this wonderful item. I wish you every success in helping to clean up the highways and byways of the UK.


Pam Baird

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