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BBC Countryfile Autumn Diaries

What a great and informative piece on Monday 24th Novembers, BBC Countryfile Autumn Diaries programme Episode 2. So many times when I’m at a show I have a discussion with poeple about why we have to pick up everywhere. It isn’t just about stepping in it, which is nasty and annoying, it’s also about the health of our countryside, water table and farm animals. Picking up after your dog is a MUST, disposing of it correctly (and that isn’t in a hedge or a tree) is vitally important, enjoying your walk without that stinky unpleasant bag in you hand is blissfull. Dicky Bags have been made in Cornwall for 7 years, and solve the issue of dog waste easily. The airtight, robust and washable dicky bag not only means you can enjoy every walk poo free it is also proudly made in cornwall and is sold in over 8 countries across the world, so at these uncertian economic times we can be doubly proud that we working to boost the UK economy.

You can buy your dicky bag from our shop in 10 great colours and 5 sizes so that there is a bag to suit everyone. and you can attach it to your belt, bag or any type of dog lead, no more excuses for not picking up!

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