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Black Dot Max


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Others may call this style of bag a Bum Bag, but Max is more than that!

Capable of being worn around the waist or hips but also works well as a shoulder bag with the versatile adjustable strap.

There are 4 D-rings and 4 webbing loops so Max will work to your specific requirements. It comes comes with an extendable strap (70 cm – 122cm) with J hooks and 2 pieces of one wrap (double sided Velcro) making it easy to wear or put on bikes, walking aids or pushchairs or attach extra items if required.

Made from 4mm thick neoprene this bag is robust, waterproof, thermal and completely machine washable. It has a separate pocket so your mobile doesn’t get mixed in with your other bag contents and it is long enough to carry the new style of water bottles.

If you don’t want to use the strap we provide you can use your own belt or even add it to a running belt or the waist strap of a rucksack.

To make the perfect walking combo you can add your dicky bag and treat bag to the side straps or clip them to the D-rings.



Between the 9th and the 14th of March, our entire team will be at Crufts

We will not be able to send anything during that time.

Once Crufts has finished the deliveries were run as normal, please keep this in mind while ordering.

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Just add an amazing treat bag, more air fresheners or pick up bags

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Dicky Combos


Not all dog walks are the same, something we here at Dicky Bag know all too well and why all our products are designed from necessity to be as versatile and adaptable to be useful on every type of walk.

This is where our combo range comes in.

By purchasing a combo walking set you will receive a 15% discount at the checkout stage.

They consist of a Dicky Bag, a Treat Bag and one type of Walking Bag. Pick the size of walking bag for your adventures and how much you like to carry around with you from:

  • The compact Percy for the essentials like phone, keys, money, mask, and glasses,


  • The mid size Barney for a drink, bowl and toys


  • The all purpose Hugo for binoculars, cameras, food and drinks.


Then add the size and style of Dicky Bag you need for your dog and finally choose a Treat Bag.

You can then choose to how you use them.

The bags also can attach together, attach the Dicky Bag and Treat Bag to your Barney, Percy or Hugo by clipping the d-rings together and securing on the side straps with the Velcro one-wrap so you create the perfect walking system for your particular walk.  It’s so easy to attach them and separate them that you can choose how much you want to take with you on each walk.

All of our bags are washable so you don’t have to only use your walking bag for dog walks.  The neoprene is lightweight, waterproof, protective and thermal so you’ll be surprised at how many great uses you will find for them.

Links for all the products:

Dicky Bag: https://www.dickybag.com/shop/dicky-bags

Treat Bag: https://www.dickybag.com/shop/treat-bags

Percy Bag: https://www.dickybag.com/shop/other-bags/percy

Barney Bag: https://www.dickybag.com/shop/other-bags/barney

Hugo Bag: https://www.dickybag.com/shop/other-bags/hugo


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