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We love to hear from Dicky Bag owners and other dog lovers!  If you'd like to tell people about your experience with your Dicky Bag please feel free to do so now.   All you need to do is - register with the site, then submit your story.  Go on - do it now!! Laughing

'I would recommend the Dicky Bag to every dog owner'

I just wanted to say thank you for the Dicky Bag.  We have a 3 month old cocker spaniel puppy and have found the Dicky Bag to be practical and stylish - just perfect.  Thank you so much for the prompt and efficient service - I would recommend the Dicky Bag to every dog owner.



Smell does not escape !

I have had my Dicky bag a while now and  I have not had a single split poo bag since. I store a ball in it when we set off; the dog carries the ball home and by then the bag is full of poo.
I have the extra large bag 2 collies and a heinz 57 it is easily big enough. Most impressivly, I forgot to empty it last monday and 7 days later the smell had STILL not escaped from the bag!
I am so impressed with the bag that I have stopped people on walks who are struggling with poo bags to tell them about it.
You must remember to grip the air freshener when you empty it though or it ends up in the bin with the poo.



Never go out now without it

Just happened on your site whilst I was looking for bio-degradeable poo bags. That's when I discovered the Dicky Bag and decided to get the poo bags to go with it. Have to say it's one of the best purchases ever, never go out now without it because there's a serious lack of bins where we live and it really takes the enjoyment out of a walk when you have to swing a bag of warm poo for miles! Wasn't sure about the poo bags to start with, we thought they were a bit flimsy but haven't had an accident with one yet!

Well pleased with purchases and your excellent service.

Kind regards.



Smell does not escape !

I have had my Dicky bag a while now and I have not had a single split poo bag since. I store a ball in it when we set off; the dog carries the ball home and by then the bag is full of poo.

I have the extra large bag 2 collies and a heinz 57 it is easily big enough. Most impressivly, I forgot to empty it last monday and 7 days later the smell had STILL not escaped from the bag!

I am so impressed with the bag that I have stopped people on walks who are struggling with poo bags to tell them about it.

You must remember to grip the air freshener when you empty it though or it ends up in the bin with the poo.



The Best dog Related Item I have Purchased

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how thrilled my friend and I are with out Dicky Bags! As promised by Barry they arrived this morning and have already been christened on our daily Malvern Hills walk. What a swinging poohy embarrassment from broken pooh bags after running with dogs......and best of all no smell!

What an absolute delight! The Dicky Bag is the best dog related item I have purchased. The second being the dog ball thrower to save my poor little handies on the end of my armies!

Thank you so much......We are considering a couple more to take our own lunches in and associated aftermath!

Warm regards and best wishes

Tracey and Karen


Supporting an enterprising British Company

Received my Dickybag very promptly, thank you, - two days after ordering it and that was 'second' class post!
I found out about the Dickybag when I saw someone using one at a Gun Dog training session last Sunday and then 'googled' Dickybag.  I have previously tried a couple of hard plastic 'poo carrying containers' but found them rather bulky and heavy to carry when walking so resorted to using an old treat bag which seemed to work well.  However I liked the idea of a specially made bag which would also mask some of the odour!  I have yet to test the dickybag in hot weather and I do use one of the hard containers in my car when travelling which works well in that situation.  With hindsight I might have preferred the medium sized dickybag as it would feel neater when clipped to my belt but I am  getting used to the large one (which I ordered) and am sure on long walks will be glad I opted for this size!  (I have two medium sized dogs but they can produce a lot of waste!).
To obtain more customers you could send 'flyers' dog training clubs, companion and agility shows or offer commission  to agents - just a thought!  I am sure some of the Pet shops would also be interested but I am sure you will have already investigated this avenue.
P.S.  I like the idea of supporting an enterprising British company and appreciate the fact that the product is made in the U.K.

Review by Trail Magazine

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to annoy everyone in the countryside it is stepping in dog poo.  In fact my dogs are not too keen on stepping on it either!  So that means we dog owners need to pick up, no matter where we are.  For the past year i've been using the Dicky Bag to pack out poop from the hills.  This tough neoprene bag can be attached to your rucksack belt, the zip-off lid houses poo bags and there is plenty of space inside the Dicky Bag for the poo bag once it has been used to pick up waste.  In the bottom of the Dicky Bag there is a renewable disk so the bag does not get too smelly.  As a dog owner this is the most useful piece of kit I own, and I never leave home without it.

Verdict - this really is essential gear for all responsible dog owners heading to the hills.

Graham Thompson, technical editor, Trail Magazine


Wonderful Dicky Bag Team

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the wonderful Dicky Bag. I brought my first one over a year ago for my then one year old Labrador; I got the large size which is great for longer walks as able to hold several 'doings'. It is so easy to use and makes walks a poo free pleasure!

I’ve just received my order of two medium size bags and shoulder straps (one each for my Mum who has just got a Lab puppy) and they are also great, the bag is big enough for shorter walks and the strap makes it even easier to wear with a long rain coat or clothing with no belt loops.

It was very helpful getting e-mail’s as to how the order process was going and the ordered arrived very quickly.

Thanks again to The Dicky Bag team


Thank God for the Dicky Bag

The Dicky Bag is one of those products you buy and then think " How did I cope without it", every where the dogs go, the Dicky Bag goes with them.

Also what fantastic customer service this company provides, cannot praise this product and staff enough, Thank you .

Lesley Curston


Ingenious idea

Thank you for the prompt service the dicky bag arrived really quickly. My mum and sister bought one for me at the Birmingham NEC xmas fair - we have a great dane and spend lots of time on the north devon beaches where it is a rather long walk back to the bins! 
We think it is an ingenious idea and wish we would have thought of it ourselves!

excited by dog poo!

I have had a Dicky Bag for 15 months now and have loved it from day one. My family think I am rather strange to get so excited about something that I put dog poo in, but I wouldn't be without it! Apart from being a fantastic invention that I use every day (well the dog does!), the people that run the company are a delight to deal with. Their customer service is outstanding. Thank you Dicky Bag.

George from Berkshire


Hill walking made Easy!

I enjoy hill walking with my husband and our dog, and I read a couple of walking/country magazines which regularly review new products just like yours that are ideal for people with outdoor, active lifestyles (and LOTS of walkers have dogs). Have you advertised in some of these mags? I know that if you send freebies to the editor for reviewing you can sometimes get your product into the mag for free. I read Country Walking, TGO, Cumbria and BBC Countryfile, if that's any help. You've probably done all this already, but best of luck as you really deserve to make a success of it, it's such a brilliant product.  
I really, really love my 'Dickie Bag'. My husband and I have spent hours trying to come up with something just like it ourselves, as we didn't know it already existed! We go for weekly long walks in the country with our dog and really hate carrying around a smelly, poopy bag for hours on end for a lack of bins. The same goes for hill walking; it's easy to spend all day walking with a poopy bag dangling from a rucksack, but no more! It's such a fab invention, it should be on a lot more shelves.

Santa's making his list

Hello Dicky Baggers

Just wanted to say, love your invention & website. What a fantastic idea, will be adding one of these to my Santa's Christmas list..


the good dog guide



I cant do without it


I am a professional dog walker and take my doggy groups to various meadows and fields that don't have any bins. Before I bought a Dicky bag I would have about 5 or 6 bags of poo to carry about, which is a nightmare when trying to get the dogs on leads. Many a bag of poo was trodden on! I read about Dicky bags in Dogs Monthly. What a genius idea! I cant do without it now. I have clipped it to the bottom of my back pack and I can just drag it round to put the poo bags in. It is so well made that I often forget I have bags of poo in it! I would highly recommend all dog walkers to get one of these.

Jemma Redhead


Why did I wait so long to buy my Dicky Bag?

I have had my Large Blue Beach Dicky Bag now for 3 weeks, and I can honestly say, it has changed my life!  Before you dismiss me as some sad person who could do with getting out more let me finish.

I didn't think carrying bags of dog poo bothered me, it wasn't my most favourite job but I just got on with it, carried it to the bin and got rid of it, which is why when I first saw the Dicky Bags at Discover Dogs 2009 I poo, pooed the idea (forgive the pun).

I had seen the bags reviewed in various publications and the comment that brought it home to me was in Dogs Monthly magazine, on the walking section, when the man said after the collar and lead the dicky bag is the most essential piece of dog walking equipment so I bought a bag for my walking holiday.

When I'm wrong I'm prepared to admit it, and WOW! was I wrong about the Dicky Bag.  Life is so much better without flimsy bags of dog poo in my hand, ever! I enjoy my walks so much more, I don't have every pocket stuffed with plastic bags, I don't heave a big sigh when my dog relieves himself and i'm not embarrased when I meet friends and I can go into shops or even for a cup of tea in the little cafe at the end of my walk.  I would disagree with the man in the magazine though!  I think the Dicky Bag is more important than the collar and lead.

Watch out all my dog owning friends and family - you're all getting a Dicky Bag for Christmas - they're worth every penny and MORE!


Jo and Benji



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Just what I needed!

"Wow! The Dicky Bag is exactly what I needed! The clip saves me carrying the bag in my hand, the seal stops it from smelling, and it looks great!"

Andy, Cornwall

Read more
Soooo useful!

"I love my Dicky Bag! It's so much nicer than having to carry a plastic bag around, plus the neoprene design means it doubles as my stubby holder! Awesome!"

 Anna, Penryn 

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Best gift ever!

"I got my Dicky Bag as a Christmas gift and it's one of the best things I've been given! I'll definitely be getting one for my dog-loving friends and re-stocking on Dicky Disks and bags... in fact I'm going to order some now!"

Pete, On The Boat

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Great for carrying... anything!

Just wanted to say thank you for my Camo style Dicky Bag - as well as being ideal for walking Muttley, it's perfect for carrying extra paintballing ammo!

Geoff, Lancs

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Miranda's Windy Holiday

Just come back from a somewhat windy and sometimes wet holiday in Devon. I asked for the dicky bag to be delivered to the rental property we were staying in. They were there ready and waiting (I purchased two, one for a friend). Read more

Top Rated Product!

I recently purchased a dicky bag (dog poo bag!) online as it seemed the answer to all of my poop scooping problems (no bins on walks, clutching a tesco carrier bag blatantly full of crap - you know how it is! )

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Excellent product

We love these messages - even the professionals are using our dog walking bags! Smile

"To the Dicky bag team.  I am a professional dog walker and  have bought products before which you use to carry your dogs No2's in and have given up with them with in a couple of days as they have always been so impractical to use.  I must say I have been using my Dicky bag for 3 weeks now and love it!

I like the idea of carrying spare bags in the top although I take them off the roll before hand and push them in to the slot.  The bag is discreet and so much better than when I had pooh bags swinging from my hip! Read more
It's hard to stop people borrowing it! I won a Dicky bag at alocal dog show, having never heard of the company before I didn't know just how great this product was. We take our bag to every show,walk and journey and it really is brilliant. You wouldn't know what it contained and I honestly couldn't live without our now! My mum and sister are having one each for christmas they are amazed. I keep having to ask for my bag back from my sister who tries stealing it on a regular basis!
Thanks to all at Dicky Bags for making our life easier, less embarrasing and more convient. Dicky bags make being a responsible dog owner stylish and cool!

Lucy Smitheram Read more
RSPCA Cornwall

'Hands free' walking is so much better, I don't have to carry lots of poo bags, no wafting smells or poo bags in photos!

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Wouldn't be without it!

Where Dolly goes the Dicky bag goes! Wouldn't be without it. 

Natalie, Cornwall

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I am so pleased with my Dicky bag, it is so much better to carry around, and you can't smell the poo. EXCELLENT Everyone should have one

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I am a professional dog walker, I have bought myself and my staff members a dicky bag, we have been using for both our personal and our clients dogs for a week now they are brilliant.

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