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Holidays with your dog

Are you planning on taking your dog on holiday with you this year so you can both enjoy walking in pastures (or beaches) new? You’ve worked hard all year, spent a lot on your hard earned cash on just the right accommodation so when you finally arrive and you get out to walk and explore your beautiful surroundings don’t become a Dog Poo Slave As a person who lives in a popular tourist...

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Smell does not escape !

I have had my Dicky bag a while now and I have not had a single split poo bag since. I store a ball in it when we set off; the dog carries the ball home and by then the bag is full of poo. I have the extra large bag 2 collies and a heinz 57 it is easily big enough. Most impressivly, I forgot to empty it last monday and 7 days later the smell had STILL not escaped from the bag! I am so impressed...

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Review by Trail Magazine

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to annoy everyone in the countryside it is stepping in dog poo.  In fact my dogs are not too keen on stepping on it either!  So that means we dog owners need to pick up, no matter where we are.  For the past year i’ve been using the Dicky Bag to pack out poop from the hills.  This tough neoprene bag can be attached to your rucksack belt, the zip-off...

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Odour seal passes the Test

The amazing powers of the odour seal on our bag has even impressed us read on… Just seen your note about the dicky bag found near Mansfield. Can’t lay claim to it but would like to add, we have had a poo in a poo bag in the dicky bag in the back of the car for 2 weeks. We keep forgetting about it because we don’t have any odour to remind us but find it when we are out and about;...

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3 more Fans!

I have just adopted a rescue dog. I always clear up after him, even in the countryside, and must say that I found carrying the poo in poly bags rather uncomfortable. More than once I forgot what I was carrying, when waving at people I knew, and waved the poo bag at them, looking forward to solving the problem!Jennifer. Was great to meet you at Crufts on Saturday. I went with the intention of buying...

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