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Caching In!!

We are no longer geocaching virgins! We spent a great 2 hours yesterday on our first Geo Cache adventure.  I think it should only have taken 30 minutes but we didn’t mind. Kids had a great time and the dogs were exhausted. we learnt 4 top tips 1. read the clues before you start 2. make sure your i phone or gps system is fully charged before you leave 3. trust you instincts – if you think...

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Have you ever tried Geocaching?

Isn’t it funny what you can find on the world wide web! Yesterday as we were happily surfing the internet looking for a bone shapped karabiner (whole other story) when we came across Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing).  Has any one out that tried it?  It looks like great fun and i’m certainly interested in giving it a go.  The site we found was called UK Geocachers where you can get...

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